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Quality Guarantee

Each drop of our drinking water meets stringent industry standards.

Just Water is proud to be the only bulk water delivery company in New Zealand to have achieved HACCP certification.

Just Water is also a member of the International Bottled Water Association.

Getting healthier has never been easier!

Our bottled water is crisp, refreshing, tastes good and is the easiest way for you and your family to enjoy quality bottled water conveniently delivered to your door.

Choose from three great-tasting water options:

    Use the form below to enquire

    about getting your filtered water delivered to your door

    or call 0800 22 33 88 or text WATER to 4040


  • Once off Set up fee $60.  Special offer for this month half price:  Now only $30
  • Pay only $1 a day for a hassle free maintained water cooler and once a fortnight we will also deliver to you one 15 litre bottle of your choice for $1*
  • One year supply agreement is required to qualify for this special offer
  • Water delivery not available in all areas. Please call 0800801802 to discuss alternative options
  • Terms and conditions apply

    Increased water intake can help:

    • Fight obesity, diabetes and other serious health issues

    • Promote weight loss

    • Counter the effects of dehydration and improve your well-being

    • Improve energy levels

    • Help improve concentration and learning

    Simply leave out your empty water bottles and your friendly Just Water man will replace them with full bottles, even if you're not home, it's that easy!

    Why Just Water Home Delivery?

    More and more people are choosing water as their preferred beverage to improve their health and well-being.

    Our customers choose Just Water Home Delivery for a number of reasons:

  • Just Water is more affordable than any other retail drinking water option available

  • The Quality of our water is internationally certified and as good as any supermarket brand, if not better!

  • Home delivery offers the convenience of great tasting, refreshing water delivered right to your door

  • Bulk water delivery is more environmentally friendly