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Quality Guarantee

Each drop of our drinking water meets stringent industry standards.

Just Water is proud to be the only bulk water delivery company in New Zealand to have achieved ABWI and HACCP certification.

Just Water is also a member of the International Bottled Water Association.

Notice from Watercare


December's issue of the Our Auckland magazine, published by the Auckland City Council, carried the following notice to Auckland residents:

The Ministry of Health recommends that you flush a large glass of water from your drinking water tap each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved from the plumbing fittings.

Some fittings have the potential to allow minute traces of metals to accumulate in water standing in the fittings for several hourse.
This simple precaution is recommended for all households, including those on public and private water supplies.

Just Water delivers water to your home that is freshly filtered to the highest standards and is the only bottled water delivery company to comply with and be backed by Australasian Bottled Water Institue's rigorous standards.

Doesn't your family deserve the very best?